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Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

Looking for the best breathing exercises for anxiety and stress relief? Read this article to find 11 breathing techniques that can help you let go of anxiety.


Why Should You Try Breathing Exercises for Anxiety?

11 Best Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Relief

1. Anxiety Breathing 4-7-8 Technique

4-7-8 Calm Breathing Excercise | 10 Minutes of Deep Relaxation | Anxiety Relief | Pranayama Excercise

2. Diaphragmatic or Belly Breathing

Breathing Technique to Relax: Belly Breathing Exercise with Dora Kamau

3. Pursed Lip Breathing

Mindful Breathing: Pursed Lip Breathing

4. Humming Breathing

Brahmari - the humming bee breath

5. Resonance Breathing

Coherent Breathing Timer - 5 Breaths Per Minute | 6 Seconds in / 6 Seconds Out | With Bells

6. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Guided Alternate Nostril Breathing Meditation (Nadi Shodhana) | 10 Minutes

7. Deep Breathing

Take a Deep Breath

8. Lion's Breath

Two-Minute Miracles: Lion's Breathing

9. Box Breathing (4-4-4 Breathing)

Box Breathing Exercise | TAKE A DEEP BREATH | Pranayama Series

10. Breath Focus Breathing Exercise

Focus on your Breath, 5 Minute Breathing Guided Meditation

11. Bear Breath for Children's Anxiety

Bear Breaths | Breathing Exercises for Kids Mindfulness (Children Anxiety Relief Meditation)

Bonus Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

Breathing exercises calm your body, which helps calm your mind, thus reducing anxiety.

All the breathing exercises mentioned above are great for anxiety relief. Choose an exercise that makes you feel the most calm and is easy for you to practice regularly.

It is a deep, rhythmic breathing technique that involves inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 7, and exhaling for 8.

By focusing your attention on your belly expanding and contracting with every breath, you direct your mind away from anxious thoughts. Deep breathing also helps relax your body, which, in turn, relaxes your mind.

Take deep breaths from your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat till you start feeling calm and relaxed.

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